Prayer Helps #5a – When God’s Answer is “No”

Nothing encourages me more than experiencing answers to prayer or hearing how God has answered the prayers of others. However, we often act as if “Yes” is the only answer we can receive from God, but “No”, or “Not now” are answers that should be acknowledged and celebrated as well.

This is the first of several videos where I share personal answers to prayer. In this one I share how a “No’ from God greatly impacted my life.

Click here to watch the video, “When God’s Answer is “No”.

I hope you will be encouraged to accept “No” from God as much as you are willing to accept “Yes”. I’ll share more about other answers to prayer I have received in upcoming videos.

I would be interested in hearing from you any questions or experiences about prayer that you would like to share!



Prayer Helps #4 – Stories About Answered Prayer


This is my last post before Christmas so I want to wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Christmas!

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace

as you trust in him.”      

Romans 15:13

The first Christmas reminds us that God can do the impossible, a great theme for our focus on answered prayer.

In Prayer Helps #4, I share two of my favorite stories about answered prayer. I have broken them up into two videos.






Click here for “The Soldier and the Spider”.

Click here for “The Baby, the Doll, and the Hot Water Bottle”.

I hope these videos will encourage you in your prayer life.

In the next video, I will share some of the answers to prayer I have personally experienced.






Prayer Helps #3 – Worship-Based Prayer


Prayer – it’s not all about me!

Instead of need-based prayer, try a different model – worship-based prayer, the subject of the third video in this series.



In your personal prayer time, try using the 4/4 musical beat pattern suggested by Daniel Henderson in his book Fresh Encounters – Experiencing Transformation Through United Worship-Based Prayer (Colorado Springs, CO: Navpress, 2004), 129.







Click here to view the video – Prayer Helps #3 – Worship-Based Prayer.

Prayer Helps Video Series – #2 God-Focused Prayers


There is something wrong with the way many of us approach prayer.

Click here to see the second video in this series called “God-Focused Prayer”.

Video Notes:

In my opinion, two reasons for our poor praying are:

  1. Ignorance – Most of us were never taught how to pray.
  2. Arrogance – We assume too often that we know the best answer for our need without having to consult God.

Behind this poor praying is the wrong focus – need-based prayer rather than God-focused prayer.

(Fresh Encounters by Daniel Henderson)

picture-of-book-fresh-encountersActs 4 is a good example of God-focused prayer:

  • -vv.1-22 – the problem
  • -vv.23-30 – the response
  • -v.31 – the result

Take Action:

When you pray this week, bring your needs to God and before telling Him how to answer your prayer, pause. Wait for God to show you how you should pray and then offer your request.

Next Video – Worship-Based Prayer